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Valentine's Day is near. Don't forget sweet things for your sweetie.

Gourmet Berries
1 Dozen.....$48

6 inch. Italian Cream Candle.....$75

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Meet The Chef




     When I was about 7 years old I remember going into the kitchen and starting me up a pot of grits. My grandmother was holding a phone conversation and I was waiting patiently for my grits to cook up. As time passed I didn't see the progress on my grits. I didn't want to get my Grandma Ann because I wanted her to see that I could do it all by myself. Time progressed and I saw no improvements, I finally decided to pull her away from her conversation. I tapped her and said "Grandma Ann, my grits wont cook". Multi-tasking, she continued her phone conversation, walked in the kitchen, looked at the grits, poured them out and restarted the pot. I watched her step by step and once the grits were done cooking, I was baffled as to why mine didn't cook. I finally asked her "Grandma Ann, why come my grits didn't cook"? She responded, "Baby, you were cooking cornmeal"!

     Born and raised in Charlotte, NC food has always been something that has brought my family together and kept us warm at heart. Before my Grandma Ann died she left me her "Famous Italian Cream Cake" recipe. This recipe has been the gateway to my passion in the kitchen. All of the recipes on my menu are inspired by my two grandmothers whom taught me most of what I know. 

     "Sis", my dad's mom could be caught in the kitchen preparing a breakfast, lunch or dinner on any day. My "Ma' is known for her Famous Banana Pudding and Honey Bun Cake. My family looks forward to it every Sunday Dinner. "Ann", my Mom's Mother could tell you where to get the best fried fish in Charlotte. Along with her Italian cream, you could expect her to whip up the best Fried Chicken, and Peach Cobbler. 

     My Grandmother's and Mom have all fueled this passion in me to deliver great eats to the table and I can't wait to share MY love for food with you.

 Porchia Hare                            

Specializing in cakes for all occasions...Please check out our IG: SisANdAnnCAKEARTIST for more photos



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